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Wood and Standards

The Wood Technology Society
27 May 2020

Wood, wood products and Standardisation

New to our WTS website!

John Park, WTS Board member, takes us through the myriad of Standards pertinent to Wood. 

This introductory piece can be found on our “All About Wood” page via the following link.

It is intended as a guide only, and as a pointer for more detail.

It is a helpful listing of the key Standards relevant to the day to day work in timber.

This is an ever moving topic, for example, to quote from the E U Commission ‘Ensuring a smooth phasing-in of the revised Construction Products Regulation,’ it notes: “Almost the entirety of the current CPR Acquis has to be rebuilt and readopted. This will not happen overnight. Given the size of the current Acquis (numbering 444 Harmonised Standards and 157 European Assessment Documents), the entire exercise will take at least 5 to 10 years.”