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Vitreous enamel furniture

Lee J Rowland of Art Engineering has created what must be one of the world’s finest convertible dining tables, after being requested by Jez San OBE, chairman of poker website PKR, to produce an elegant dining table which ingeniously transforms into a classic gaming surface.

Utterly cutting edge in every aspect, the use of vitreous enamel to furnish the beautiful curved table surround is an industry first. It took painstaking months of research to see the enamel produced to a high enough standard: techniques pioneered by Rowland allowed the enamel to be cut and processed after firing producing margins and seams with the precision of a marquetry craftsman unheard-of with enamelled steel.

Vitreous enamel is in the same class as ceramics and is incredibly hard-wearing. Patented motor technology provided by Maxon, world leaders in precision drives and gearing technology, has been used in the table drive system resulting in an ultra-slim skeletal frame through which the table centre gyroscopically rotates. The next generation of table has already been designed with even more up-to-date technology giving rise to an even slimmer outer frame.

The outer edge is inlaid with subtle lighting using RGB LED strip, which can be colour fixed or led to run a hypnotic transition through 27 different colours from a remote control.

Vital statistics


Dimensions: 2800mm x 1250mm x 750mm.

Construction: Aluminium, Steel, Black 8mm tempered glass Aeropanel, Vitreous enamel outer, Cushioned upholstered baize gaming surface.

Weight: 190kg

LHD Neon diffuser colour change strip programmable and colour fixable.

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