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Sustainable Development Group contacts

Listed below are contact details for the group members. Click on a name to send an email to that person.

Louis Brimacombe (Chairman)  

Now working as an independent consultant. Until July 2016, Louis was Head of Environmental Technology, Tata Steel, leading a 40 people research team delivering added-value projects to Tata Steel businesses and working across a wide network of industry and academic partners. A leader in sustainable development and life cycle assessment, his work has helped to support business thinking and guide strategies for implementation.  In 2015, he was appointed as the Worldsteel Chair for the Product Sustainability Committee and has presented on sustainability to steel industry leaders in Europe, China and Latin America. In 2014, winner of the IOM3, Sir Robert Hadfield Medal. Delivered the Bessemer Master Class 2014 in Sustainability and Life Cycle Thinking. He is a Fellow of IOM3 and a chartered Chemical Engineer.

Mark Jolly  (Deputy Chairman)

Professor of Sustainable Manufacturing
Cranfield University, Chairman of Materials Sciernce and Technology Division Board,  and Light Metals Division Board member

Rachel Stonehouse (Group Coordinator)

Cynthia Adu

Sustainability Consultant at avieco

Keith Barnes

Board Member, Packaging Society

Andrew Clifton

Rolls-Royce and Chair of the ADS (Premier Trade Organisation for companies in the UK Aerospace, Defence, Security and Space Sectors) Environmental Working Group

Nick Coleman

Tata Steel, Principal Researcher in Product Sustainability, Group Health, Safety and Environment
Responsibilities:  Development of Environmental Product Declarations, Manage activities in relation to automotive LCA,  Coordination of Product Environmental Policy within TSE
Work Package leader in H2020 STYLE project and member of a number of LCA and product sustainability working groups - WorldAutoSteel, Worldsteel and Eurofer

Jim Coulson

TFT Woodexperts Ltd and Wood Technology Society

Andrew Dunster

Participating in the Group with a specialist interest in construction, Andrew is a Principal Consultant in the Building Technology Group at BRE, (an independent, research-based consultancy, testing and training organisation, offering expertise in the built environment and associated industries). He specialises in construction materials, particularly the performance, durability and environmental impact of concretes. His main technical expertise is in the re-use of industrial by-products and he has more than 25 years’ relevant experience. He also has a broad overview and interest in major current industry drivers such as, construction waste and construction resource efficiency issues and manages broader based materials-related projects. He is experienced in managing multi-partner collaborative projects involving life cycle assessment, pilot scale concrete product manufacture, low carbon cements, industrial by-products as aggregates and he provides technical consultancy on construction products with recycled content (including rubber, plastics, glass, waste derived organic fibres). He also has expertise in assessing iron and steel making slags from former industrial sites. Andrew has been active on European and British Standards Committees on concrete performance including low carbon alkali activated materials. He is also a member of the IOM3’s Cementitious Materials Group, the Royal Society of Chemistry Applied Materials Chemistry Group and the Concrete Society Materials Group. He is a Chartered Chemist with a background in chemistry/geology, a doctorate in cement chemistry and a fellow of IOM3.

James Goddin

Formerly with Granta Design Ltd,a subsidiary of ANSYS Inc., now Founder of Hoskins Circular

Tony Hartwell

Sustainable Materials Engineering Ltd

Sheena Hindocha

Knowledge Transfer Manager - Materials Chemistry at Innovate UK

Tessa Lee

Tessa works for Eunomia Research and Consulting Ltd where she is a waste consultant working mainly with local government. Her experience includes:

  • Supporting Local Authorities in procure their neighbourhood services contracts
  • Waste operations, especially planning neighbourhood collection services
  • Due diligence on waste facility planning
  • Waste prevention policies and behaviour change
  • Evaluation on the effectiveness of waste policies

Alan Maries

Minerals Industry Research Association & Society for Chemical Industry

Allan Matthews

University of Manchester and Surface Engineering Division Board

Andrew McDermott

British Ceramic Confederation

Richard Murphy

Professor and Director, Centre for Environment and Sustainability, University of Surrey

Chris Oldroyd The Mineral Processing & Extractive Metallurgy (MP&P) Division

Founder and Director of Inprotec ltd, an engineering company specialising in the design and manufacture of pyrometallurgical process plant to the non-ferrous metal recovery, upgrade and refining industry.    

Sophie Parsons

University of Bath and SDG Board Secretary

Stuart Patrick

Board Member, Polymer Society and SDG Webmaster

Jeremy Ramsden

Hon. Professor of Nanotechnology University of Buckingham and Research and Technology Director, Henge Precision Materials Ltd

Veronica Sanchez-Romaguera

KTN Materials Team

Graham Sims

National Physical Laboratory and British Composites Society

Richard Thackray

University of Sheffield and Board Member, Iron & Steel Society

Tatiana Vakhitova

Principal Development Manager & Sustainabilty Specialist at ANSYS Granta, ANSYS Inc.

Emma Wilcox

Chief Executive at Society for the Environment

Pat Winfield

Independent Consultant, formerly Oxford Brookes University, Sustainable Vehicle Engineering Centre (SVEC)

Sarah Wilkes Corresponding member

University College London, Institute of Making