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Smart Materials & Systems Committee board

From the first Stone Age to today's silicon chips, new materials have been central to humankind's social and economic progress. New technologies are now emerging which will create a paradigm shift in engineering design; perhaps even replacing some of today's 'advanced' materials. What sets these 'Smart' Materials Systems apart is their ability to sense and adapt to their environment; behaviour which closely resembles biological systems.

The development of Smart Materials Systems is truly multi-disciplinary science, drawing on expertise ranging from materials science and manufacturing to engineering design and control. IOM3 is at the forefront of this technological revolution. In contrast to many single discipline institutions its Smart Materials and Systems activities provide a one-stop shop for expert advice, specialist conferences and professional development opportunities in this rapidly emerging field.

It is generally accepted that commercial products will increasingly contain Smart technologies and consequently that it will be a key technology for 21st century competitive advantages.

Whether you are a student or practising technologist, seeking detailed information or an introduction to Smart Technologies, we hope this site provides you with relevant and useful information to stimulate your interest in Smart Technologies and encourage personal or organisational interaction with the IOM3 expertise base in this key technology.

Markys Cain

Chairman, Smart Materials & Systems Committee


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