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Polymer Society - mission

The Society's interests cover all technical, educational and professional considerations relating to polymers and materials where polymer content is significant. These interests cover all of our members working in polymer manufacture, processing, design, applications, end-use and end of life.

The Society reports into the Institute's Technical Communities Board (TCB) through Strategic Advisers.

The Society will focus on both external and internal roles:

  • Externally we are the ‘polymer face of the Institute’ to link with industry, trade associations, Government, UK innovation and learning infrastructure, media and conference organisations and other relevant national and international bodies to encourage and support membership of the Institute. We will promote professional activities relevant to the career development and job needs of all members and encourage younger members to take an active role in their industry.


  • Internally we will promote the subject of polymers and provide the focus within the Institute for the polymer community by advising the Institute and dealing with policy issues on matters concerning the polymer sector. We will also influence the formulation and implementation of the Institute’s policies to meet the needs of members in this sector.


Please see our Annual Report and Committees for further information on our role.