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Polymer Society committees

The Polymer Society has three committees/groups, whose areas of interest are outlined below.


The Polymer Processing and Engineering Committee aims to

  • Provide a timely forum for presentation & discussion of key developments in engineering excellence in polymer processing;
  • Cover leading edge developments in polymer processing technology, in-process measurements and process flow modelling, and control;
  • Provide a technical focus for the processing and technology industries

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The Rubber in Engineering Group's activities will be of interest to:

  • Those who are interested in promoting the use of elastomer products in an engineering environment and who wish to see their unique properties more successfully exploited.
  • Those who wish to know more about the benefits of elastomers or elastomer composites with relation to engineering design and their effects on applications and equipment performance.

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The PVC Committee’s activities will be of interest to:

  • Those who are involved in any aspects of Polyvinyl Chloride through its life cycle and who wish to see the many unique properties of this versatile polymer to be exploited and developed to the full.
  • Those who wish to know more about this extremely cost effective polymer in relation to formulations, processing, end-use applications and sustainability.

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