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Nominations invited for IOM3 2020 Awards in the Polymer and Elastomer Disciplines

The Polymer Society
30 Dec 2019

The awards to be made in 2020 are:

a)            Swinburne Medal and Prize recognises the achievement of a person who has made an outstanding contribution to the advancement and knowledge of any field related to the science, engineering or technology of plastics.

Awarded not more than once every two years, not less than once every five years. It is a requirement of acceptance that the recipient shall prepare and deliver the Swinburne Lecture on an occasion selected by the Institute. The award consists of a gold medal and £250 honorarium.

First awarded 1960, the Swinburne Medal and Prize commemorates the work carried out by Sir James Swinburne (1858-1958), often called the "Father of British Plastics", who revolutionised the plastics industry throughout Europe with his introduction to the phenol-formaldehyde reaction and subsequent involvement in the Bakelite process.

Previous winners have been Professor Cees Bastiaansen, Mr Stuart Patrick, Professor Robert Young and Professor Ton Peijs.

b)            Hancock Medal - To an individual for outstanding service to the rubber industry. Open only to members of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining.

First awarded in 1951, this award is in recognition of the pioneering work of Thomas Hancock (1786-1865) in introducing the vulcanised rubber manufacturing process into Europe in 1857.

Previous winners have been Dr Alan Muhr, Mr Martyn Bennett, Dr Ranjit Matthan and Dr Andrew Tinker.

c)            James S Walker Award

For a student project, already examined, on the subject of polymers.

Nomination details can be found HERE

Closing date is Friday 31st January 2020