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  • Mixed reaction to EU €800/tonne plastics charge

    The EU's €800/tonne plastic packaging waste charge, passed by the EU Council at the end of July and which takes effect from January 2021, shocked the market because of both its size and narrow timeframe to implementation.
  • Covid-19 leads to bottled up frustration for PET

    One of the effects of the coronarvirus pandemic is that consumer behaviour in terms of buying and consuming goods has changed in line with restricted supplies and access to retail sites says Susan Mair, Petrochemical Analyst at ICIS.
  • From Coca-Cola to Swarovski - simply add electronic sparkle

    How do you delight consumers, provide instant feedback or provide a load-bearing circuit? Large companies are increasingly turning to printed and flexible electronics. Katherine Williams found out more
  • Q&A with Mark Watters from The BidBase

    Idha Valeur talks to Mark Watters, Managing Director of The BidBase, about bid writing, common mistakes, how to avoid them and what makes a good bid writer.
  • Pitching for research funding

    Securing funding for research is a job in itself – it requires research. Where to go for help? How to write the application? And how do you make the most of the opportunity and avoid the pitfalls? Idha Valeur explores how best to navigate the funding jungle.
  • Natural R-PP pellet monthly price minus virgin PP spot price

    European recycling markets reel from coronavirus

    Concerns over the long-term impact of the coronavirus outbreak on key European recycling markets sharply escalated this week following the adoption of further containment measures across the continent.
  • The packaging challenges facing us in 2020

    Professor Pierre Pienaar, President of the World Packaging Organisation shares his thoughts on trends, challenges and issues facing the packaging industry.
  • Balancing Resources Conference review

    Organised by the Resource Strategy Group (RSG) in conjunction with the Sustainable Development Group, IOM3 held the Balancing Resources Efficiency conference on 26 November 2019 in London. The conference highlighted four areas that require urgent attention to meet the UK Government’s two ambitious and long-term strategic objectives; namely the 25-year environmental action plan and a commitment for the UK to be zero net carbon by 2050.
  • Making plastic that melts away

    Founder and CEO of Edwards Innovations, David Edwards, makes a case for extending the use of polyvinyl alcohol to produce plastics that dissolve in water.
  • Circular economy with Yvonne van der Meer

    Yvonne van der Meer talks about the hidden considerations of overlooked bio-based products.