IOM3 responds to consultation on fire safety

15 Oct 2020

IOM3 has submitted a response to the Home Office Fire Safety Consultation welcoming the direction of travel and ambition to improve building and fire safety.

The consultation contains proposals to:

  • strengthen the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 and improve compliance
  • implement the Grenfell Tower Inquiry Phase 1 Report recommendations that require a change in law to place new requirements on building owners or managers of multi-occupied residential buildings, mostly high rise buildings
  • strengthen the regulatory framework for how building control bodies consult with Fire and Rescue Authorities and the handover of fire safety information

The Fire Safety consultation, published alongside the draft Building Safety Bill, is a key part of government’s package of reform to improve building and fire safety in all regulated premises where people live, stay or work and to deliver key Grenfell Tower Inquiry recommendations.

IOM3 is largely supportive of the proposals laid out but recognises that there will be further work required in some areas to enable successful implementation and to deliver the desired improvements.

Thanks to contributions by IOM3 Wood Technology Society and Construction Materials Group

View the full consultation and supporting documents.

Documents for download: 
PDF icon Fire Safety Response.pdf109.5 KB