Engineering response to COVID-19: can you help?

20 Mar 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic poses an unprecedented global challenge. The Royal Academy of Engineering is working to identify potential solutions and facilitate useful contacts across its national and international engineering networks that could help our governments solve problems and assist the public health response.

IOM3 would also like to encourage our members to help support RAEng in its work.

There is an immediate need for ventilator manufacture, but we want to encourage innovation and ideas across all areas, including healthcare systems, critical infrastructure, business management and supply chain.

If you don't feel able to respond to the specific requests below, there are still ways that you as an engineering professional can help with the effort to address the coronavirus: 

  • If you are in a position to contribute, please get in touch via the RAeng Form
  • If you have an academic background (PhD candidate or higher): sign up as a rapid reviewer for the UK’s Royal Society registered reports
  • If you use a computer: download Folding@home to harness your computer's power in the fight against COVID-19

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