IOM3 digital transformation and rebranding under way

30 Apr 2020

Members who have logged on to our new Member Portal will be aware that there are changes taking place in the digital delivery of IOM3 services – this is part of a digital transformation project that commenced in 2019, the first phase being the replacement of our legacy membership database with a modern system more suited to our current and future needs. This first phase of work has successfully been completed with a fully functioning membership management system and new Member Portal that allows members to update their details, select their technical and communications preferences, pay subscription fees, download invoices for past payments and access all our online Member Benefits, as well as providing online joining for new members.

We have now embarked on phase 2 of the project which involves incorporating activities that are currently administered on separate systems (such as events, training courses, awards, competitions, accreditation, sales, marketing and communications) into the new contacts management system. Development work will take place over the next few months and the new functionality will be rolled out starting mid-year, all being well. Phase 2 also involves the launch of a brand new website and we are currently working with our digital partners, BlueLight CRM, Pixl8 and Hart Square, to identify our website needs, review content and develop a new structure and design. Members who took our recent Member Survey will have answered some questions relating to their current use of our website and areas where we wanted input from the membership on its future direction.

In tandem with the digital transformation project, our design team is leading on a major project to overhaul the Institute’s visual identity, which will also input into the new website development. IOM3 has been evolving in its activities and outlook and we are keen to have a new visual identity that reflects these changes and takes us into the future. Again, we have sought input from members in the Member Survey and have involved our Advisory Council and IOM3 team in the discussions about corporate identity and values that will give a steer to the branding project. 

These major developments are continuing to progress, despite the current crisis situation in the UK, and we have our eyes fixed firmly on the future as we evolve to serve our membership, the profession and wider society.