Calling for IOM3Pride Volunteers and Contributors

1 Jun 2020

IOM3 has established a support network for members who identify as LGBTQ+ and allies, based on the successful IOM3 Women in Materials, Minerals and Mining model.

Emily Radley has volunteered to lead this initiative with help from IOM3 representative Shardell Joseph who says, 'IOM3Pride is a reflection of the path the Institute is taking to become a more diverse and inclusive environment. As the IOM3 representative of this group, I am excited to work with Emily and its members to create this new platform, which we hope will help build a community for LGBTQ+ people within STEM.'

In the June issue of Materials World, Emily set out her goals for the group stating the following, 'My overall goal for IOM3Pride is achieving equality of opportunity professionally for LGBTQA+ identifying IOM3 members. This is an ambitious long-term goal and will hopefully be part of wider inclusion and diversity efforts from IOM3. In the shorter term, one of our most important goals is to find out explicitly what support LGBTQA+ members of IOM3 need and want to see the most. We also want to make sure we are starting to get a clearer picture of the experiences of LGBTQA+ IOM3 members within their work and studies. With this understanding, we can move forward providing support and working to make the changes that lead to equity – be it adapting policies or running awareness courses, for instance. My personal view is that connecting LGBTQA+ IOM3 members with each other is going to be incredibly beneficial. I also think increasing the understanding of protected characteristics, including LGBTQA+ relevant ones for the whole membership is a vital function IOM3Pride can fulfil.'

The group had its first inital meeting back in May and have already got plans off the ground with its upcoming webinar on 18 June hosted by Ben Britton titled 'No sexuality please, we’re scientists’

There will be other seminars in the future looking at topics such as the use of pronouns and imposter syndrome with more ideas to follow.

To get involved with IOM3Pride or would like to contribute some ideas, contact

See also the IOM3Pride microsite for the latest news and any events coming up.