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IOM3 submits response to Environment Agency river basin planning: challenges and choices consultation

The consultation explores the challenges our waters face and the choices and changes needed to tackle them. The information gathered through this consultation will help the Environment Agency update the current river basin management plans and consider how current approaches will need to change in response to a changing climate and growing population.

IOM3 supports National Engineering Policy Centre’s Spending Review Submission

The government’s Spending Review should include support for innovation, especially to achieve the aims of net zero emissions, resilient infrastructure and nationwide digitalisation, according to recommendations published by the National Engineering Policy Centre (NEPC) today and signed by IOM3.

SMEA Lecture Program - How to use Zoom Update

Sheffield Metallurgical and Engineering Association
Updated help for people wanting to join a SMEA virtual lecture - start 6th Oct

Increasing the ductility of aluminium through wire arc additive manufacturing

Materials World magazine
While developing wire arc additive manufacturing, researchers in Russia have discovered a surprising improvement in aluminium’s ductility. Idha Valeur catches up with them.

How manufacturing and recycling of aluminium can be improved

Materials World magazine
Studying the formation of micro-crystals under a magnetic field has opened up ways to enhance the manufacturing and recycling of aluminium alloys. Idha Valeur talks to the researchers behind the discovery.