Member Survey results

10 Jul 2019

IOM3 sought the views of our members in a comprehensive survey carried out earlier this year. The aims of the survey were to:

  • Explore the importance of member benefits and the value members place on the various activities 
  • Identify the ways in which IOM3 can improve its services, and
  • Give us feedback on the important aspects of a professional institute membership.

The Institute would like to thank all members who took the time to complete its 2019 Member Survey. We are now in a position to report on the results and some of the activities we will be taking to enhance and refresh the Institute’s suite of member benefits. 

Two member benefits stood out from those assessed through the survey. The benefit valued most highly by members is the provision of technical information and data, and anything associated with its access. There was a preference for this to be online, from websites or through webinars, and in real-time through conferences, workshops and lectures. Members expressed a particular preference for real-time events held locally, be it in the UK. Despite a preference for online access to material, there is also a desire for conventional hardcopy technical information through both magazines and books. The Institute is planning to improve its online and digital technical offering, including a programme of webinars and live streaming of events on IOM3 TV. We will also work with our affiliated local societies to improve publicity around locally held events.

Members are primarily interested in engaging with Institute groups and volunteering for activities that have a technical focus, be it to acquire more information or to share their own expertise such as in authoring material, speaking at events or through thought leadership projects. In response to this, the Institute will develop its ability to offer the very latest in technical content to its members on an ‘anytime, anyplace, anywhere and accessible on any device’ basis. We will also be actively promoting this content on LinkedIn, which was indicated as being the social media platform of choice by members for professional activities. 

The second most valued member benefit indicated in the survey is recognition, be it through registration as a competent person such as CEng or CEnv, or Institute membership grades such as Fellow. This supports the Institute expanding its mentoring activities with a focus on real-time support, which leads to the best results at peer review. The workshop programme earlier this year will become a regular feature of Institute activity, with targeted promotion to members. The survey also identified a need for meritocratic recognition, such as Institute awards and medals for achievement, as an individual practitioner or as part of a team. 

Job and funding opportunities and financial support the Institute could give directly for furthering professional development or in  times of need were popular with members at the start of their careers. The Institute will ensure that these member benefits are promoted widely and specifically to these members when they become available or are offered. Volunteering for Institute activities, with the exception of those that are technically focused, depended on a member’s career stage and how relevant the respective activity was to their professional needs. This information will be used to inform the targeted recruitment programme, which will be launched to expand our pool of mentors and volunteers. 
When asked to comment on areas not covered in the survey, members came up with a number of novel ideas, most of which added to the desire for technical information. However some responses showed that the Institute is not always as good as we could be at advertising what is already offered. The Institute will be undertaking a membership benefits awareness programme to address this. 

Overall, the Institute will be looking to provide members with a more personalised service in the future. We have started the process of investing in the digital capability to do this, coming on stream over the next year or so. Then, as members update their profiles through their personal login on the Institute website, we will be able to provide them with more directly relevant content and services. We will share more information on this with members in due course.