IOM3 digital transformation update

9 Dec 2019

As Materials World goes to press, the new IOM3 system for managing our member and contacts data is in the process of being configured and a new Member Portal is being set up. The new integrated system will replace the current legacy membership database. The upgrade will take place during the period 23-28 January.

Members will notice a change in the appearance of the Member Portal giving access to your member profile and online benefits, journals, databases and payments. The main IOM3 website will be unchanged for the time being while we develop the new system and start the major task of designing and building a new website.

The changeover will take place over the last weekend of January – we are giving advance notice that the current member portal will be disconnected for a few days while this takes place, and so access to online member benefits and online payments will be temporarily suspended. If your membership renewal is due in January 2020 and you do not already pay by direct debit, it would be very helpful indeed if you could make sure you pay it before the cut over to the new system at noon on 23 January. And don’t forget, you can always set up a direct debit with us for future payments!

When the new system is up and running, we will provide details of how to set up a new password and log on to the new Member Portal. Members who use the MyCareerPath CPD system will also be contacted with details of how to access this when the current website is disconnected from it as part of the changeover process.