A year as IOM3 President by Professor Serena Best CBE FREng CEng FIMMM

9 Dec 2019

Our 150th Anniversary year is drawing to a close and, looking back over the months, it is clear that 2019 has been an extremely busy and productive time for IOM3. These activities have been captured in a short video which can be viewed on IOM3TV. There have also been a variety of important changes and developments that mark a new start for us.

From a personal perspective, I was delighted to begin my term of office as President. This coincided with Dr Colin Church taking up his role as the IOM3 Chief Executive. One of my aims has been to visit different Regions around the UK and overseas and I have very much enjoyed meeting members of a number of different Local Societies with plenty more of this to come in 2020.

The approval by the Privy Council of the changes to our governance structure has been a major development this year. We are now able to move forward with the newly formed Advisory Council and Executive Board. It is particularly good to see that we have an excellent set of representatives across the Regions and Membership grades, and that this moves us towards our aims of improved gender balance, diversity and inclusion. The Technology Communities Board was also established and we were delighted to welcome the team of Strategic Advisors who will be instrumental in linking the various constituencies within the Institute and providing an important ‘outward facing’ perspective for IOM3. There is a huge amount of activity at Local Society level and I would like to thank all of those who have held meetings and events this year. As always, we rely on volunteers to help support our goals and I would encourage anyone who is interested to take a more active role in the Institute to get in touch via the website link below.

Another important development, which will soon be evident to the whole of our membership, is the digital transformation project, currently underway (Project Optimus). We hope that this will transform the way in which IOM3 is able to communicate with IOM3 members and I trust that everyone will be able to see benefits in the near future.

This was also a very important year for the Young Persons’ Lecture Competition with the World Final returning to the UK for the first time since 2012. There was a packed programme of events and the talks were excellent, spanning the breadth and scope of the Institute’s activities. It is always a pleasure to meet with these outstanding young scientists and engineers from around the world.

IOM3 has continued its initiative to increase membership numbers and I have been very grateful for the suggestions that have been sent to me. These increases have been particularly impressive at Technician level and I have also been very pleased to see the number of excellent women joining us at all levels of membership. Colin and I personally sign all professional grade membership certificates and so I know, literally at first hand, quite how well the Membership team are doing.

The conference team put together a very impressive range of conferences and meetings with several of these achieving record numbers of registrations and sponsorship. The Warren Street window of IOM3 London office has been put to excellent use. I recommend that everyone visiting the London offices should consider using that entrance either on their way in or out and if you are not planning to visit in person, please have a look on the IOM3 website. One of the highlights of the year, in London, was the Premier Awards Dinner at the Science Museum, but there have been many other highly successful events across the UK and around the world. I would like to thank the many IOM3 members and also the Institute staff who have worked so hard to make these events a success.

Looking forward, there are also a number of exciting events planned for 2020, and during my second year as President, I hope to be able to attend some of these and continue meet as many people as possible. I would like to thank all of the staff and volunteers who have contributed to this very special year.

To watch the 150th Anniversary highlights video, visit bit.ly/IOM3TV-150

To get involved with IOM3 or to learn more about our volunteers, visit bit.ly/IOM3-get-involved