IOM3 launches 3-year business plan

2 Jan 2020

Following on from November’s changeover to the new governance scheme with the last meeting of the old Council and the first meetings of the new Advisory Council and Executive Board, Trustees have now adopted a new strategy and business plan for 2020-2022.

In this plan, IOM3 seeks to respond to the changing professional, societal and environmental context to support professionals in materials, minerals and mining to be heroes of the transition to a low-carbon, resource efficient society, not villains.

IOM3 CEO Colin Church FIMMM CEnv MCIWM said, ‘Like all professional and learned societies, IOM3 faces a range of challenges in today’s world. This strategy sets out how we will continue on our journey to face these challenges over the next few years, building on our 150 years of history and the passion and commitment of our members, volunteers and employees.’

The three-year plan is primarily focused on membership, content, professional development and influence in public and policy debates, underpinned by appropriate investment in the human, digital and physical infrastructure necessary to support this.


In line with our desire to be the best professional membership body we can be, we aim to continue to grow a sustainable membership across all grades, meet members needs with the services offered, protect and promote professional standards including professional registration and deliver online and digital services to cater for all members whatever stage of their career.


Access to good quality technical content is a key reason people join IOM3. We will work to ensure that all our Technical Communities are active and generate technical content (such as conference and event ideas) of value to our members. IOM3 will continue to develop Materials World and Clay Technology and work with our academic publishing partner, Taylor and Francis. We will also develop the National Materials and Mining Archive to improve its accessibility and to make best use of its content.

Professional Development

Supporting its members as they progress through their careers is important to IOM3. In the future, the Institute will also develop and deliver a comprehensive portfolio of professional development opportunities and support to individuals and organisations working within the Institute’s topics.


Through the expertise of its members IOM3 has a great deal to offer to a larger number of public, policy and media debates. It has already started to increase its visibility in support of the positive role of professionals in materials, minerals and mining in the transition to a low-carbon, resource-efficient society. In order to do more, it will develop the role of the Strategic Advisors as co-ordinators of knowledge and ambassadors for IOM3 and its members’ communities alongside newly appointed IOM3 policy research fellows.

Digital Transformation

In order to enable us to deliver tailored online and digital services for members and non-members at different stages of their careers, IOM3 has started a digital transformation project (Project Optimus) that starts by replacing the existing membership database and portal by the end of January 2020 and then moves on to an integrated and refreshed website and member support system, rationalising current multiple systems over the course of 2020. 

More information on how this business plan will be implemented will be sent out throughout 2020, and to read the full version, download from below.

Documents for download: