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The Packaging Society Autumn 2019 Newsletter Now Available

The Packaging Society
The Packaging Society Autumn 2019 Newsletter Now Available

Ingenious: public engagement awards

Ingenious is an awards scheme for projects that engage the public with engineers and engineering while providing engineers with skills and opportunities in public engagement. Applications for Ingenious are now open.

Discovering non-toxic more stable semiconductor for solar

Materials World magazine
Engineers have discovered a lead-free semiconductor for solar cells using supercomputers. Shardell Joseph reports.

3D printing customisable and antibacterial hip joints

Materials World magazine
A 3D-printed zirconia ceramic hip developed by Chinese researchers has antibacterial properties, for improved joint health. Idha Valeur reports.

How to make removing colon polyps safer

Materials World magazine
A newly developed gel cushion could make colon polyp removal safer, reducing the patient’s chance of developing cancer. Idha Valeur asks how it works.