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Winner James Lennard is congratulated by SMEA President Andrew Kirton-Vaughan

Regional Heat Winner

Sheffield Metallurgical and Engineering Association
After a fine contest the winner of the Sheffield heat is announced

Wooden buildings reach new heights

Materials World magazine
Timber structures are rising in popularity and proposed building regulation changes will allow for even taller wooden towers in some countries. Ceri Jones reports.

Making aluminium alloy 7075 weldable

Materials World magazine
Aluminium alloy 7075 can now be made weldable to remove the need for joins and reduce weight. Rhiannon Garth Jones reports.

Printing metals with crystal formations

Materials World magazine
Simulating crystal structures could improve strength of 3D-printed lattices. James Fernandes reports.

A strong, mouldable graphene

Materials World magazine
Graphene could one day become a common engineering as researchers develop it in a soft, kneadable dough form. Katherine Williams found out more.