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Credit: Withers & Rogers

Patent of the Month

Materials World magazine
Patent Attorney Gemma McGeough at Withers & Rogers discusses a patent for analysing fluid flow on a nanoscopic scale.

Balancing the impact and utility of concrete

Materials World magazine
Professor Phil Purnell of the University of Leeds, UK, shares his insight into today’s use of concrete.
Plastic bag floating underwater (Shutterstock)

The UK Waste Strategy

Materials World magazine
The UK government recently revealed its new waste strategy. What is being proposed and is it likely to succeed? Rhiannon Garth Jones gets insight. ​
Sutton Lake in eastern North Carolina, which serves as cooling ponds for coal-fired power plants. Credit: Jessica Brandt, Duke Univ.

Fish ears can provide data on water contamination

Materials World magazine
Fish ears provide accurate data for analysing water contamination from coal fired plants, as Ellis Davies reports.
The ion beamline at Sandia National Labs, USA, where the new radiation damage measurement system has been installed and tested.  Credit – Cody Dennett

Real-time radiation testing

Materials World magazine
Neutron radiation changes to materials can be tracked non-destructively. Ceri Jones spoke to the maker of a new system.