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Notice of 2018 IOM3 Annual General Meeting on 10 July

The 2018 Annual General Meeting of the Institute will be held at 2pm on 10 July at 297 Euston Road, London

Major investment in global subsea campus announced

Energy Transition Group
£31million investment to create an ambitious new state-of-the-art subsea manufacturing Centre of Excellence

Students present their products at the DIP competition final

University students from around the UK presented innovative new products to a panel of judges for the final of the 2018 Design Innovation in Plastics (DIP) competition.

Advances in Applied Ceramics, Vol. 117, No. 5

The Ceramics Society
Advances in Applied Ceramics , Vol. 117, No. 5, 04 Jul 2018 is now available online. Members can read for free.

Revival of the Defence, Safety and Security Committee (DSSC)

Defence, Safety and Security Committee
The Institute’s Defence, Safety and Security Committee (DSSC) formed as an emerging committee as part of the Materials Science and Technology Division. It caught the attention of many in its early days as a formation that linked up the stakeholders and organisations in the UK that have been active and influential in these topics of interest.