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ExxonMobil join PVC 2017 gold sponsor line up

ExxonMobil join the PVC 2017 gold sponsor line up

Virtual benefits to materials science

Materials World magazine
Virtual reality and materials science may not seem like a natural pairing, but it might offer more than expected. UC Merced’s Dr Lilian Davila speaks to Khai Trung Le about its potential in teaching and research.

Scientists react to Chatham House biomass rebuttal

Materials World magazine
Chatham House has published a paper arguing that energy policies for woody biomass are not fit for purpose.

Patent of the month: gravity-driven water purification

Materials World magazine
Dr Jennifer Unsworth of intellectual property firm Withers & Rogers describes an innovative water filter

Borophene’s unlocked potential

Materials World magazine
Future applications of one-atom-thick boron have been uncovered thanks to a happy accident.