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Testing in extreme environments - challenges facing testers in the nuclear sector

Materials World magazine
Michael Bennett attended Zwick Roell’s 4th Academia Day in Manchester, UK, to learn about challenges facing testing for the nuclear sector.

Hard graft - bioactive skeletal repair

Materials World magazine
Professor Serena Best’s Bioactive Materials for Skeletal Repair lecture for the London Materials Society considered degenerative bone disease and how materials research can help

The many guises of asphalt - a versatile surface

Materials World magazine
Surface solutions at The Many and Varied Uses of Asphalt event in London, UK

Graphene and vanadium unleash lithium power - advanced Li-ion batteries

Materials World magazine
Hybrid nanoribbons of vanadium oxide and graphene may improve the development of advanced lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries to power electric cars.

Drilling small reservoirs - unlocking offshore oil pockets

Materials World magazine
SINTEF oil drilling technology to improve access to small reservoirs