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Print like an Egyptian - 3D printable ceramics

Materials World magazine
Developing a 3D printable self-glazing ceramic inspired by Egyptian faience – a technique used in jewellery making - offers the opportunity to produce shapes that are impossible using conventional processes

Sun day soon - solar storm solutions for aviation

Materials World magazine
How can the aviation industry cope in the face of a solar flare or storm? An event at the Institute of Engineering and Technology provided insight to impact on commercial air travel, satellites and food supply

Up and under - tunnelling in small spaces

Materials World magazine
With cities getting ever more crowded, a sleek Japanese tunnelling method could enable the construction of safe, energy-efficient tunnels in the tightest of spaces.

Stretching tough - hybrid hydrogel could replace damaged cartilage

Materials World magazine
A hybrid hydrogel developed at Harvard University, USA, could ease the pain of bandy knees, replace cartilage, and improve soft robotics.

The power of wasteful thinking - silicon for rechargeable batteries of any shape

Materials World magazine
Discarded silicon is being used in place of carbon/graphite or tin-based compounds to create flexible components for rechargeable lithium-ion (Li) batteries. The project could lead to inexpensive batteries that conform to any shape