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IOM3 calls time on metal theft

IOM3 has received funding and sought patent protection to continue development on its innovative Signature Materials technology
"Newly forged" Olympic rings

Olympic Opening Ceremony

The 2012 Olympics opened in style with a spectacular show of materials science.

Wearable computing tomorrow’s world?

Materials World magazine
With technology companies already developing wearable devices, the way we use computers looks set to change. Michael Bennett casts an eye to the future…

Taking the plunge - polymers for medicine

Materials World magazine
Supplying polymeric products to the medical industry can be difficult – but if you get it right the rewards are there to be had. Dr Matthew Thornton from the Polymer Sector of the Materials KTN summarises some of the work the network has done to help companies access this potentially lucrative market sector.

India up close - country focus

Materials World magazine
Despite rising operational costs at the Indian centres of global technology companies, the country is becoming a valuable hub for the aerospace, automotive and defence industries.