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Biofuel not so efficient?

The Wood Technology Society
Researchers at Oregon State University (OSU) in the USA claim that biofuel production in west coast forests actually causes more carbon dioxide to be released than it saves.
(chair in a forest)

Forest waste turns sewage into tiles

Wood Focus magazine
Forest waste is being used by researchers from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, based in Barcelona, Spain, to manufacture structural ceramics using sewage sludge.
bamboo roof

Bamboo back in the frame

Wood Focus magazine
Marginally-engineered building techniques used in rural residential shelters are being investigated to initiate a mainstream engineering code for bamboo.
Hylobius abeitis (the large pine weevil)

The weevil dead - tackling the forestry scourge

Wood Focus magazine
The large pine weevil is the most significant insect pest in British forestry, destroying as much as 50% of new tree plantings. Now scientists claim to have found a solution using a cocktail of microscopic nematode worms and fungi.

Institute of Physics Awards 2012 nominations deadline

The deadline for nominations for the Institute of Physics Awards 2012 is 13 January.