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This newsletter brings you updates on the activities of the Polymer Society, IOM3 and the wider polymer community.

Euradh 2012: 9th European Adhesion Conference

The Society for Adhesion & Adhesives
16 Sep 2012 - 20 Sep 2012, 88045 Friedrichshaven, GERMANY The Scientific Committee of Euradh 2012 is now seeking papers on all aspects of adhesion

Register of Ground Engineering Professionals

The eagerly awaited Register of Ground Engineering Professionals, sponsored by IOM3, is open for registration.
Strasbourg Cathedral

Selection at the stone face

Clay Technology magazine
To improve stone selection and boost preventative research, a team of French researchers in Poitiers has conducted research into the stone structure and clay coating of Triassic siliceous sandstones.
Consciousness (2011) High-fired terracotta clay. H 25.0 x W 25.0 x D 25.0cm

Oriental expression - Takato Sasaki's porcelain and clay sculptures

Clay Technology magazine
An interview with Royal College of Art graduate Takato Sasaki, who hopes to move clay out of its traditional subtext into a more expressive material.