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PERC news: Russia and CRIRSCO

Applied Earth Science Division
PERC manages the CRIRSCO * -GKZ working group on harmonization of Russian and international minerals reporting systems. At a meeting in Moscow on 21-22 October 2008, an agreement was signed...

PERC Code published

Applied Earth Science Division
PERC 2008 reporting code is now published and replaces the previous version ('The Reporting Code' 2001) for reporting resources and reserves of solid minerals.

Consultation on design-driven innovation

The European Commission has launched a consultation on the role of design. The deadline for submissions is 26 June.

Annual review

The Institute has published its Annual Review for 2008.
Medical supplies

Medical matters – speciality packaging

Packaging Professional magazine
The opportunities in medical packaging in Europe are revealed in a new study from market researchers AWA Alexander Watson Associates, headquartered in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Dr William Llewellyn, Vice President and Senior Consultant at the company, reports