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Grain Boundaries at High Temperature event

High Temperature Materials Committee
This symposium on 29 April will discuss grain boundary behaviour to present a summary state-of-the-art review.

Young Persons' Lecture Competition - Abstracts from the London Local Heat

London Materials Society
London Materials Society will host the local heat for the Young Persons' Lecture Competition, on the 19th of February 2009 , at the Institute of Materials commencing at 1700 hours . Tea/coffee will be available from 4.30 pm.
brick layer

Call for support for construction Diploma

Clay Technology magazine
Co-ordinators of the UK’s Diploma in Construction and the Built Environment are seeking more companies to take part. The qualification focuses on three themes – design, creation of the built environment, and value in use – and includes 10 days’ work experience in industry, as well as specialist units.
Microstructure of the cathode ray tube glass ceramic tile

Tiles from waste glass

Clay Technology magazine
Researchers in Italy have developed ceramic tiles that use difficult to recycle waste glass in place of feldspar minerals. This creates a product that can be fired at lower temperatures while providing an environmentally friendly way to dispose of the glass.
A cracked section of the fibre-reinforced concrete

Bomb-proof concrete

Clay Technology magazine
A high performance concrete designed to reduce the impact of bomb blasts is being investigated by engineers at the University of Liverpool, UK. The material is reinforced with steel fibres and has already been employed in slender footbridges and government buildings in Australia.