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Spring 2007: Society for Adhesion and Adhesives, One Day Symposium on Structural Validation and Health Monitoring of Adhesive Joints

The Society for Adhesion & Adhesives
A full report on the Society for Adhesion and Adhesives one-day symposium on Structural Validation and Health Monitoring of Adhesive Joints.
Ifor Samuel

Beilby Medal award winner

The 2007 Beilby Medal was received by Professor Ifor Samuel for work on organic semiconductors.

Corrosion Management in the Power Industry: Current Problems and Future Challenges - meeting report

Surface Engineering Division
This was a very successful meeting, held in London in April 2007, attracting a total of 33 delegates from a wide range of UK manufacturers and utilities. The workshop included...

Laser Induced Superplasticity Technology struggles to find funding in western England

Materials Science & Technology Division
The groundbreaking Laser Induced Superplasticity Technology (LISTechnology) developed by the University of the West of England has run into problems due to a lack of local funding.
smart' ski jacket

Materials Resource Centre opens

MADE, the materials and design node of the Materials KTN, has opened a Materials Resource Centre in central London.