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Winter 2006: Society for Adhesion and Adhesives/BASA One Day Symposium on 'Avoiding Failure with Adhesives and Sealants'

The Society for Adhesion & Adhesives
A full report on the Society for Adhesion and Adhesives one-day symposium on Avoiding Failure with Adhesives and Sealants .

Prizes available for published work

Acta, a non-profit organisation of which IOM3 is a cooperating society, has established the Student Award.

Light-activated anti-viral nanocoating

Materials World magazine
A light-activated anti-viral nanocoating for antimicrobial textiles has been developed. This novel coating stems from extensive research on nanotechnology and aims to modify the surface of polymers and fibres to reduce infections in hospitals.

Microwave curing of composites

Materials World magazine
Researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Chemical Technology (ICT) in Pfinztal, Germany, have developed a microwave technique to cure large fibre-reinforced plastic composites components used in the shipbuilding, construction and energy industries. The approach could serve as an alternative to manual-lamination or die-casting methods, enabling polymer resins to be heated volumetrically in a more contolled process.

Probing the new science GCSEs

Materials World magazine
The Qualifications and Curriculum Authority (QCA) have devised new science GCSEs to make pupils ‘scientifically literate’ and more aware of the relevance and importance of science to society.