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Competition for young engineers

A poster competition for young engineers is being held at the House of Commons on 12 December 2006.

Gold bacteria exploration

Materials World magazine
Bacteria can play an important role in the formation of secondary gold grains, according to Dr Frank Reith, a geo-microbiologist at the Australian Commonwealth Science and Research Organisation (CSIRO). He believes this discovery could have a significant impact on the mineral exploration industry.

New sports design degree

Materials World magazine
The London Metropolitan Polymer Centre, UK, has launched a new undergraduate degree programme in Sports Product Design, intended to give materials students the skills and knowledge to design sports products of the future.

Intelligent clothing with smart materials

Materials World magazine
The How Smart Are We? conference held on 15 September 2006 at the Royal Institute of British Architects in London, UK, and highlighted some of the technology and functionality needed for successful marketing of smart materials in textiles.

Emulating the beetle’s water harvesting capabilities

Materials World magazine
Research into emulating the Stenocara beetle’s water harvesting capabilities is ongoing at MIT in the USA, in order to develop a material for potential applications harvesting water, open-air microfluidic channels and controlled drug release coatings. The wings on the beetle's back are patterned with superhydrophillic bumps on a waxy superhydrophobic background.