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Institute's Annual Review 2005

The Institute's Annual Review for 2005 can now be viewed. It contains a summary of the Institute’s activities over the year, together with financial statements.

Desk-top electron microscopy

Materials World magazine
Bridging the gap between optical and electron microscopy, the TM-1000 tabletop microscope, from Hitachi High Technologies, features a 10x improvement in resolution and magnification range and a 100x improvement in depth of field compared to conventional optical microscopes.

Profiling a packaging designer

Materials World magazine
David Jackson is fulfilling his childhood ambition of becoming a designer and is determined to make his mark in the packaging industry. Rupal Mehta talks to the youngest member of the Institute's Packaging Board about his experiences in the world of print and packaging.

Smithers Group buys Rapra

Materials World magazine
The Smithers Group, an independent organisation based in the US, has bought Rapra Technology, the UK polymer research centre.

Nanogenerators for electrical energy

Materials World magazine
Researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology, USA, have developed nanogenerators from zinc oxide nanowires. When the wires are bent and released, electricity is produced through the piezoelectric effect. By building an array of nanowires, enough power may be produced to power nanoscale devices.