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International Clay Technology Association launched

The International Clay Technology Association (ICTa) celebrated its official launch on 3 February in Nottingham.

Examination in Mining Law relating to Health and Safety 2006

The Examination of the Mining Qualifications Board in Mining Law relating to Health and Safety will be held on 14 June 2006.

Ups and downs in Chinese mining

Materials World magazine
Two news items cover the occurrence of an explosion at a privately-owned Chinese coal mine in Anhui which claimed 12 lives, and an agreement with Papua New Guinea which will allow teams of Chinese explorers to search the country for precious and base metals.

Tyred out

Materials World magazine
Mining companies are reporting critical shortages of large, off-the-road tyres. The problem is affecting operations worldwide and is driven by the high demand for commodities of all types that are being consumed at ever-increasing rates and prices, with China leading the way.

Tunnel vision

Materials World magazine
Researchers from Surrey University, UK, have developed a quantum electronic device made from nanometre-thick layers of amorphous carbon which exhibit a decrease in current beyond a certain voltage, or a negative resistance. The work could lead to low-cost switching applications for use in panel displays or mobile phones.