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Management of the MBT

The Board

The MBT is managed by a Board composed of between 9 and 18 elected Members, who are the Trustees. To be eligible to serve on the Board an individual must be a Member of IOM3.









Generally the Board meets three times a year in March, June and November. The Annual General Meeting of the MBT is usually held in June or July. At every AGM, one third of the members of the Board retire from office. Due notice of the AGM and the call for nominations for election to the Board are printed in the relevant editions of Materials World and Clay Technology and posted on this website and the IOM3 website.


The Board appoints from within its number a Chairman who is confirmed by election at each AGM. The Board similarly appoints a Secretary and Treasurer. Currently these are both members of the Board and hold their office in an honorary capacity. Their positions are similarly confirmed at each AGM.









Constitution and reports

The annual reports by the MBT Chairman and Honorary Treasurer are available by downloading the files below.

A copy of the MBT Constitution is available on request. The MBT is a registered charity (no 207184).