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How to apply to the Member's Benevolent Trust for assistance

The Member’s Benevolent Trust (MBT) is an independent registered charity, run by volunteers to provide assistance to any needy person who is, or has been for more than two years, either a paid-up member or a current or former permanent employee of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (IOM3). This extends to members of any bodies that have merged with, or been absorbed by, the Institute, and spouses, widows, widowers, parents, children, grandchildren, or dependants of an eligible person.

The MBT can help where support is needed due to bereavement, illness, reduced circumstances or social distress, providing personal contacts, advice and/or financial grants. The appropriate level of help is assessed, in complete confidence, by the Board of the MBT. However, the MBT cannot provide legal advice or major long term assistance.

If you meet the criteria outlined above you are eligible to apply for financial assistance from the Trust. Please see below for examples of the type of help that MBT can give. This can be on a one-off or an ongoing basis, for specific items in times of need or hardship or for financial help.

Confidential requests for assistance are preferred in writing addressed to:

The Honorary Secretary
The Member’s Benevolent Trust
297 Euston Road


In an emergency or with an informal enquiry:
Telephone +44 (0)7889 123373 or email

Applicants will be sent a standard application form. Once completed and returned a case number will be allocated to ensure complete anonymity and separation from the IOM3.

There is then a preliminary review of the returned form. This is usually followed by a visit to the applicant by our established regional visitors or Trustees to talk through the application. This is an opportunity to clarify any details and to assess the type of assistance best suited to the needs of the applicant. Following the visit, the Board of the MBT assesses each application thoroughly, makes its decision and informs the applicant of the outcome.


Grants may be made to assist with medical aids and adaptations, respite breaks, general household needs, furniture, security installations, clothing, school uniforms, school travel grants, and other one-off exceptional items which may be required as a result of hardship or need. All grants are discretionary and are awarded in good faith on the evidence submitted. The Trustees' decision is final and grants are not negotiable.


The MBT is particularly anxious to help unemployed and redundant members in the following ways: assistance towards subscriptions, travel costs for job interviews, relocation costs and towards appropriate short course fees (where this will widen scope for re-employment).


UK applicants are recommended to check with their local social Security office for their entitlement to benefits and their local authority for their eligibility for rent and council tax rebates etc. Also, the MBT expects applicants, where appropriate, to consult relevant bodies with greater resources, such the Citizens Advice Bureau in the UK or Age UK or other charities specific to their industry and background. 

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