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Material of the Month

Material of the month – silk

Khai Trung Le focuses on applications of silk in both warfare and heathcare

Material of the month: metal organic frameworks

Simon Frost speaks to the forefather of a class of cage-like porous materials that hold promise for some of the most hotly sought applications in science

Material of the month – rubber

From the playthings of the ancient Mesoamericans to Wellington boots, car tyres to hot water bottles, natural and synthetic rubber has a rich and storied history, as Anna Ploszajski finds out

Material of the month – hemp

From nanotechnology to automotive components and textiles – hemp has a number of diverse applications. This month, Anna Ploszajski discovers the history behind the fibre.

Material of the month – Polycarbonate

From buildings and cars to music and kitchenware, this month, Anna Ploszajski looks at the recyclable plastic polycarbonate

Material of the month – Porcelain

It is a material best known for creating the highest quality fine bone china. This month, Anna Ploszajski discovers the history of porcelain

Material of the Month: Gold

This month, Anna Ploszajski explores gold production, its value throughout history and where it all began

Material of the month – Plutonium

This month, Anna Ploszajski details the discovery of plutonium and its applications since the first discovery

Material of the Month – ETFE

This month, Anna Ploszajski explores the material that has formed part one of the most remarkable landmarks in Cornwall.

Material of the month – metal foams

They are found in applications from the automotive industry to biomedical implants and hydrogen-based technologies. This month, Anna Ploszajski investigates metal foams