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Reference Data and Journals

This page is contains useful reference data and links to journals related to the field of Materials Chemistry. Other pages on this site contain information on Software Tools, Conferences and Seminars organised by the Materials Chemistry Committee, and Books and Educational Resources.


COST Action 507-Database for new light alloys

European COST Action 507 on the Measurement and Evaluation of thermochemical and thermophysical properties to provide a database for the development of new light alloys ran from 1988 to 1997, with the final workshop being held in Vaals in The Netherlands in March 1998.

28 participating institutions from 14 European signatory countries were involved in the measurement of thermodynamic and phase diagram data, leading to the assessment of binary and ternary Al-X-Y and Ti-Al-X systems.

The assessed data are contained in a database. Accompanying the database is a set of three volumes.

The first reports the proceedings of the meeting, the second is a description of the database and the third details the critical evaluation of the ternary systems studied in the Action.

Volumes 2 & 3 are available for download in pdf format from the links below.

Download Volume 2
Download Volume 3


COST Action 531 - Lead-free solders

As a major outcome of European COST Action 531 on lead-free solders, a two volume set on phase diagrams and physical and mechanical properties of alloys has been published. Volume 1 is an Atlas of phase diagrams calculated using the 'Solders' thermodynamic database that was constructed as part of the action, which contains assessed thermodynamic descriptions of 53 binary systems and 20 ternary systems associated with lead-free alloys and electronic component substrate materials. Volume 2 (produced in conjunction with ELFNET) is a handbook of physical properties of a variety of SAC solders and joints that has been compiled as part of the Action.

Altogether, 22 countries signed the Memorandum of Understanding for the Action, and of these, 19 countries involving around 45 research institutions were actively engaged in research on lead‐free solder materials as part of COST 531.

The Action started officially on March 10, 2002, with the first meeting of the Management Committee in Brussels, and its official end was March 10, 2007.

Research work carried out under the Action resulted in the publication of more than 200 articles in peer-reviewed journals, nearly 300 conference contributions and more than 50 theses.

Download Volume 1
Download Volume 2


Materials Chemistry DATA Resources

Hampton Thermodynamics Ltd

Hampton Thermodynamics Ltb develop MTDATA software and database packages which can calculate phase equilibria and thermodynamic properties in multicomponent multiphase systems. They and develop thermodynamic databases.

Hampton Thermodynamics


A site dedicated to Computational Thermodynamics or Calculating phase diagrams using CALPHAD method. The site has numerous resources including binary and ternary phase diagrams of a number of systems, a glossary of terms and useful external links.



SGTE (Scientific Group Thermodata Europe) is a consortium of centres engaged in the development of thermodynamic databases for inorganic and metallurgical systems and their application to practical systems. The site contains many resources including phase diagrams of a number of systems.

SGTE Home | Binary phase diagrams | Alloy phase diagrams


National Institute of Standards and Technology has some resources on phase diagrams and computational thermodynamics.

NIST Home | Computational Thermodynamics | Phase Diagrams | Alloy Data

NIST develops and distributes standard reference data in materials science and chemistry. You can find out more about standard reference data here which includes links to journal publications on standard reference data.


Journal publications

Materials Science and Technology is seen as the main Institute learned journal for the publication of papers concerned with Materials Chemistry. Other important journals include:


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