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Materials Chemistry Committee contacts

Below is a list of email addresses for the board members. You can email a board member directly, or feel free to meet board members at any of the conferences or meetings and discuss the activities of the IOM3 Materials Chemistry Committee.


Prof. Andy Watson
Coventry University
(MCC Chairman)
Interests: High-temperature calorimetry, Phase diagram and thermodynamic assessment in metal and ceramic systems.


Dr. Andrew Scott
University of Leeds
(MCC Secretary)
Interests: Ab-initio methods, Electron microscopy.


Committee members

Dr. Tim Chart

Chart Associates 


Dr. Katerina (Kathy) Christofidou

University of Manchester/Cambridge
Interests: Thermodynamic assessments and phase diagrams of alloys (superalloys, high entropy alloys and copper alloys); Alloy development (high temperature materials); Additive Manufacturing (characterisation and modelling of alloys).  

Prof. Alan Dinsdale

Hampton Thermodynamics

Interests: Thermodynamic and phase diagram data for oxides, steels, amalgams, aluminium alloys, solders, semiconductors and aqueous solutions.


Prof. George Z Chen

University of Nottingham

Dr. Christopher Gourlay

Imperial College London

Prof. Derek Fray

University of Cambridge
Interests: Molten salts. Innovative processes that use molten salts.  

Prof. Duncan H. Gregory

University of Glasgow

Interests: Synthesis, structure and properties of: functional materials; structural ceramics; materials for energy storage and conversion; non-oxides (nitrides, chalcogenides, hydrides, carbides); inorganic nanomaterials.


Dr. Girish Kale
MCC Newsletter Editor-in-chief

University of Leeds
Interests: Measurement of thermochemical data (emf studies). Sensor materials.  

Dr. Mudith Karunaratne

Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology

Interests: Superalloys, modelling of microstructure evolution in superalloys and coatings using high performance computing, diffusion in nickel based alloys and dopant diffusion in semiconductor materials.  

Dr. Hajime Kinoshita

University of Sheffield
Interests: Calphad. Thermodynamic and phase diagram for nuclear materials, cementitious materials.  

Dr. Richard Longbottom

British Steel
Interests: Steelmaking and Casting


Dr. Simon Middleburgh

Bangor University
Interests: Nuclear fuel (including advanced fuels and fuel peromance modelling). Nuclear materials (including cladding), ultra high temperature ceramics, thermodynamic and atomic scale modelling, corrosion and nuclear forensics.

Dr. Stuart Mucklejohn

Ceravision ltd
Interests: Thermochemical properties of metal halide systems, metal oxide systems, alloys; plasma chemistry; health & safety; quality systems; light sources; ISRU.  

Dr. David Parfitt

Coventry University
Interests: Nuclear materials degradation, fuel cells and battery materials, steel metallurgy, atomic scale modelling, undergraduate materials and manufacturing teaching.  

Dr. Ed Pickering

University of Manchester
Interests: Study of solid-state and liquid-solid phase transformations in metallic alloys, and phase stability in metallic alloys, from an experimental standpoint

Dr. Duncan Putman
Webmaster MCC microsite/IT

Rolls-Royce plc
Interests: Modelling microstructure in steels and other alloy systems. Phase diagrams, prediction of material properties and industrial applications.  

Dr. Michael Rushton

University of Bangor
Interests: Nuclear Materials (waste and fuel), Fuel cell materials and glass.  

Dr. Begoña Santillana

Tata Steel
Interests: Solidification of steels. Thermodynamics and phase diagrams of commercial steel alloys. Microstructure modelling of steel during solidification.  

Dr. Carsten Schwandt

University of Cambridge
Interests: Thermodynamic properties of molten salts, solid ionic conductors and energy materials.

Dr. Pratheek Shanthraj

University of Manchester
Interests: Microstructure modelling, Phase-field, CALPHAD, crystal plasticity, coupled chemo-thermo-mechanics, software development

Dr. Howard Stone

University of Cambridge
Interests: High temperature materials; alloy design; phase transformations; neutron and synchrotron X-ray methods.  

Prof. Mark Tyrer

Coventry University

Interests: Geomaterials: Cement chemistry, Mineral chemistry and processing, Materials resource efficiency Thermodynamic simulations Low temperature geochemistry Waste management & enviornmental protection.


Dr. Claire Utton

The University of Sheffield

Interests: CALPHAD and database development. Phase diagrams and thermodynamic modelling for alloy design, high temperature and nuclear materials.


Dr. Nils Warnken

University of Birmingham
Interests: Multicomponent alloys, Phase-field, Phase-Diagrams, applications.  

Prof. Shaowei Zhang

University of Exeter
Structural ceramics and refractories, thermodynamics and phase diagrams for slag corrosion, molten salt synthesis, nano-catalyst, biomaterials.  

Corresponding members

Dr. John Gisby

Hampton Thermodynamics


Mr Ian Warrington

IOM3 Liaison