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Hume-Rothery Seminar

Hume-Rothery Seminar BannerThe first Hume-Rothery Seminar, organised by the MCC in association with SGTE (Scientific Group Thermodata Europe), took place on 17-18 January 2017. Around 50 Materials Scientists attended the meeting, which was held at The Riverside Centre, Derby, for two days of discussion on Phase Equilibria and Computational Materials Chemistry.

Group photo of seminar participants

The main aim of the seminar was to demonstrate how from basic experimental observations of phase equilibria and thermodynamic properties of simple systems, large thermodynamic databases can be constructed that can be used for complex calculations and simulations in relation to material development and industrial processes. Thus, the scope of the meeting was quite extensive, starting from the very basic principles of experimental techniques, through the derivation of model parameters to the demonstration of industrial applications.

Professor Claus Hack of GTT Technologies presenting at the seminar.

In addition, our target audience was also very broad, with our intention being to attract people from outside our field who may be curious to hear what Computational Thermodynamics may be able to do for them. As such, it was important to start with the assumption that the audience may have very little knowledge of the themes discussed. 

Initial feedback from the meeting delegates has been very positive. Many found the meeting to be very informative and certainly worthwhile, and this gives us the confidence to hold more of these 'demonstration seminars', where the aim is to spread the word and expand our community. Already we have plans to open the scope of the meeting even further, with the possibility of including software 'hands-on' sessions.....Watch this space...or better still, subscribe to our Newsletter.

Chairman of MCC Dr Andy Watson of University of Leeds presenting at the seminar.

The meeting was dedicated to the memory of Fred Hayes and Bernard Argent, both of whom were renowned experimentalists in thermodynamics; Fred for calorimetry, and Bernard for Knudsen Cell mass spectrometry. Both became heavily involved in computational thermodynamics, Fred spending sabbaticals with Kubaschewski, Leo Lukas and Larry Kaufman, and Bernard became interested in coal combustion towards the end of his career. Both Fred and Bernard had been active members (and chairs) of the Materials Chemistry Committee. It's purely coincidence that Fred passed away on 17th Jan 2013 and Bernard on 17th Jan 2014, and of course, the meeting was held on the 17th and 18th of Jan 2017.

The MCC would like to thank SGTE for sponsoring the meeting and for organising a very interesting programme for the second day, and of course to SGTE members for travelling from as far away as Stockholm in order to show the sophistication of modern software for Computational Thermodynamics. The MCC would also like to take this opportunity to thank the staff of The Riverside Centre for all the help in making this meeting a success.

A selection of presentations available to download below.