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Awards in materials chemistry

A number of awards are offered in the field of materials chemistry.

Awards offered by IOM3

The Hume-Rothery Prize is awarded for distinguished achievements in relation to phase transformations.

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CALPHAD best paper award

Awarding body: CALPHAD Journal editorial board

The paper for the Best Paper Award will be voted for by the CALPHAD Advisory and Editorial Board members. Awarded annually.


CALPHAD best poster award

Awarding body: CALPHAD Journal editorial board

The poster for the Best Poster Award will be voted during each CALPHAD meeting by a jury consisting of the organizing committee chair and vice-chair and participating members of the CALPHAD Editorial Board.


CALPHAD Gibbs Triangle award

Awarding body: CALPHAD Journal editorial board

In celebration of the 150th birthday of Josiah Willard Gibbs, who was born in 1839, the Gibbs Triangle Award was established in 1989. It will be awarded once every third to fifth year for outstanding contributions to studies of ternary and higher-order phase diagrams, their thermodynamic background and principles of construction as well as methods of calculation and assessment work. The name of the award has been taken from Gibbs’ composition triangle, commonly used in representing ternary phase diagrams.

The recipient will be chosen by the associate editors of the CALPHAD journal together with prior recipients. The award is in the form of a musical triangle.


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APDIC Best Paper Award

Awarding body: APDIC

In order to promote the activities of phase diagram related works, APDIC awards the Best Paper Award each year, it being selected from publications of the previous year.

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APDIC Industrial Award

Awarding body: APDIC

Using phase diagrams and strategies for intellectual and computational evaluation of data means to follow knowledge driven approaches, with best chances for the lead in technology and for ecological and economic savings. The APDIC Industrial Award acknowledges eminent achievements reached by industries. It raises the awareness of the economic, societal and technical importance of applied knowledge in phase diagrams and highlights the edge position of the receiving party.

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