Login and profile problems


Our new member portal is now live at https://portal.iom3archive.org.uk - members please log in there to check and change your personal details and preferences, pay membership fees and access online member benefits. There is a page linked from the new portal with support details if you have login or other problems there.


My username or password are not recognised

If you have been a member since prior to April 2015, please ensure you are using the correct username which by default will be your surname followed by your membership number, e.g. Smith12345. The new username will be mentioned in the email you have received from our system for first time login, and will also be included in the password reset email if you have requested this. You can also usually find your membership number on your member magazine cover sheet or your subscription reminder. 

Your password/PIN from the old website (pre-April 2015) also no longer applies. If you have not logged onto this site before, you will not have a password. Instead obtain a one-time login link and you can set your password in your profile.

If you are sure you have used the correct username and password but still get this error message, obtain a one-time login link - this will log you in temporarily and let you set your own password. The only time this won't work is if your current email address does not match the one on our system, in which case please contact us.

After several unsuccessful attempts to log on, my account has been blocked

If you have failed to enter the correct password 5 times within a short time period, your account will be temporarily blocked. This is a safety feature to prevent hacking. Your account will be blocked for at least 2 hours. If you have just changed your password, please see the note above. You can log in using a one-time login link instead in the meantime.

I tried to request a new password but my email address/username is not recognised

If your email address is not recognised, it most likely means that we have an old email address, or no email address, for you on our database. Please email membership@iom3.org with your current details.

If you were an IOM3 member prior to 1 April 2015 (even if you were a lapsed member) then your default username on this site will be your surname followed by your membership number. Your membership number is normally found on your member magazine cover sheet or your subscription reminder. If you can’t find your username, please contact membership@iom3.org

Once logged in, you can update your email address in your profile as well as other details.

I requested the one-time login link but have not received it

Please check your junk/spam folder for the email which will give you the one-time login. This will be an automatic email from noreply@iom3.org

If you do not receive an email within a couple of hours of requesting a new password, this could be because we do not have your current email address on our database. In this case, please contact membership@iom3.org who will amend your email address on our system and send you a one-time login link.

I logged in with the correct details but get an "Access denied" error

Firstly please ensure you are not actually logged in and trying to view a page which you don't have access to. This will be the case if you can see a "Log out" link at the top right of the web page.

If however you are sure you have logged in but it still says "Member login" at the top right of the page, this could be related to your browser's cookie settings. Your browser is either storing an old cookie from our website or is not setting cookies at all.

Firstly try relaxing your browser security settings, and if that doesn't work then try deleting cookies from your browser. This will enable new cookies to be set next time you visit the IOM3 website. The simplest method is to delete all cookies, although this will affect your experience on other websites you visit, so your browser should have an option to locate and delete on cookies from the domain iom3archive.org.uk

I have a problem not listed here

Please contact us via our contact form, selecting the "Website feedback" category.