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Wood Technology Society courses - specific subject modules

IOM3 Training Academy has recognised that individuals may wish to gain information about a specific aspect of timber and has accordingly made available the optional modules from the certificate course as stand along educational resources.

For candidates who successfully complete one or more of these specific subject modules, IOM3 Training Academy will issue a certificate naming the individual and the subject studied. This is especially relevant as evidence of CPD material having been studied by those working in the timber and allied industries or for other professionals working in the construction industry.

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Subject Modules

Modules Workbook Subjects
Sustainability & Legal Trading of Timber Understand why carbon is related to timber supply
  Understand the key influencers of responsible and legal timber sourcing
Understand how wood as a
material is related to end use
Understand wood as a material to determine specification
  Understand the reasons for timber movement
  Understand the principle British and European norms when specifying timber for particular end uses
  Understand the effect of loads on timber in use
Understand softwoods and their appropriate use Understand the principle sources of wood supply
  Understand how machining affects the finished sizes of commercially available softwood
  Understand the main grading systems and how the grade affects end use
Understand the main hardwoods
used in the UK and their end use
Understand the origin and supply of hardwoods to the UK
  Understand the main aspects of hardwood specification
  Understand the relationship between end use and timber species

These activities are approved for Professional Development by the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining.

Wood technology training is delivered by IOM Communications Ltd and endorsed by The Wood Technology Society, a Division of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining