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Packaging Innovation and Design for a Circular Economy

A Two Day Sustainable Packaging Course

Packaging for the Circular Economy is fast becoming an essential component of new product development for brands. Increasingly, brands recognise that this is not just a function of Corporate Social Responsibility but that it also makes sound business sense. The responsibility for understanding and implementing sustainable solutions is increasingly delegated to those involved in the management of innovation. This two-day course – involving presentations, workshops and case studies - is designed to help educate and navigate you through this complex arena.

Delivered by Emagine Packaging Ltd. (EPL), in association with IOM3’s Packaging Society, the course provides knowledge together with expert packaging and sustainability insights from practitioners engaged with Circular Economy challenges facing industry today.

The course is targeted at packaging professionals in a wide range of roles and businesses, from marketing to technical, operational and procurement from manufacturing, supply, design and services.

This 2 Day course covers:

  • Key definitions and models of The Packaging Chain, Sustainability, Innovation and the Circular Economy.
  • The sustainability and business environment context driving adoption of the Circular Economy and its application to packaging at product, process and systems levels.
  • Life cycle thinking/Cradle-to-Cradle (C2C) and Eco-design - linking Life Cycle Assessment to Circularity.
  • Innovative business models and metrics for a Circular Economy.
  • Case studies which demonstrate economic, environmental and social value.
  • Tools and techniques to identify packaging innovation opportunities arising from the Circular Economy.

The course will:

  • Provide you with a broad underpinning knowledge, range of tools and techniques that can be applied to produce packaging designed for a Circular Economy.
  • Equip you with valuable skills and resources to apply Sustainability and Circular Economy principles when engaging with key stakeholders, including suppliers and customers.
  • Facilitate collaboration across supply chains and cross-industry alignment to ensure that the transition to a Circular Economy is driven with diligence.
  • Present you with invaluable networking opportunities. 

Who should attend?

This course is designed to provide the background, strategic and practical insights that will assist both emerging and seasoned packaging professionals from across industry tasked with delivering sustainable packaging solutions for the future Circular Economy.

  • Packaging developers, designers, entrepreneurs and innovators who need the necessary skills to design with sustainability and circular economy in mind.
  • Marketing, sales, and supply chain management executives tasked with developing and communicating sustainability and circular economy strategy.
  • Suppliers of packaging materials, packaging technologies and processing equipment who need to demonstrate a sustainability commitment to their customers.