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Engineering the Future, One Nanometre at a Time

Engineering the Future, One Nanometre at a Time, Advanced analytical microscopy for metals

13:00 Tuesday 24 November

This webinar will present powerful innovations in intelligent and connected microscopy for metals and other materials, creating insight through in situ structural, spectroscopic and crystallographic data with light, electrons and x-rays.  It will introduce advances in optical microscopy and intelligent software, machine learning applications, state-of-the-art electron microscopy techniques in the brand new GeminiSEM series of field emission SEMs and the ground-breaking ZEISS Crossbeam Laser FIB-SEM.

Who is the webinar aimed at?

Metals and materials professionals in research and routine applications; metallurgists, metals and materials academics, industrial researchers, quality analysts, manufacturing technologists, managers and industrial technologists.

What are the webinar requirements?

The webinar will be especially interesting to those with prior experience of microscopy but prior knowledge is not required as we talk in terms of metals and materials applications and problems to be solved, and introduce new and innovative techniques for performing those tasks.

How does it work?

This one-hour webinar will be broadcast via Zoom and delegate questions can be posed through the Q&A function. A video of the webinar will be recorded for all delegates including any material referenced.The webinar is scheduled for Tuesday 24 November, 13:00 on the IOM3 Zoom channel. All registered delegates will receive a link and instructions of how to join the webinar in advance. You will need an internet connection to take part in the webinar.

Simply register on the link below and this will give you your FREE access to the Webinar.

What does it cost?

This informative Webinar is FREE to attend

What will I learn from attending this Webinar?

Attendees will keep up to date with the latest advances in connected, intelligent analytical microscopy for metals and materials and how microscopy has become an illuminating source of multimodal data, informing metallurgists with layers of insight to create the metals and materials of the future, and produce them more efficiently than ever before.  In particular, we discuss the new GeminiSEM range featuring the Gemini 3 field emission SEM technology, in situ analytics and the Laser FIB for femtosecond laser ablation of materials samples for rapid milling and analysis of deeply buried features. We use rich illustrations and animations to explore submicron metals datasets in 2D and 3D.

How do I register?

Simply click on the link below and register on the Zoom Event.


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