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Certificate in Packaging

The PIABC Certificate in Packaging is a level 3 qualification (‘A’ Level equivalent)

The course consists of a mandatory unit taught in class or online and assessed by examination, followed by a student’s choice of further units from the twelve on offer, which are taught online and assessed by written assignments.
PIABC is the awarding body that accredits this qualification and further information is available from the PIABC website

What’s in it for me?

The Certificate in Packaging provides a level of insight and understanding of the packaging industry that adds real and measurable value to careers and businesses.

Who is the course for?

Delegates to the Certificate in Packaging come to the course from a variety of areas with 3 - 12 months experience.

You may be embarking on a career within the industry and looking for the training that will provide you with a solid bed of information that you can build on.

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The Certificate comprises a mandatory core unit, assessed by examination, along with 12 optional units, of which students have to submit assignments to gain the Certificate in Packaging.This consists of five parts:

  1. Understand the role and functions of packaging.
  2. Understand the major packaging materials and how they are combined to form packaging componants.
  3. Understand the packaging development process.
  4. Understand packaging costs and quality systems.
  5. Understand the relationship between packaging and the environment.

Through the core unit course, students also have the opportunity to become familiar with the course as a whole and to be introduced to the simple-to-use, online learning system. This unit is assessed by a two hour written examination.


Candidates then select a further three or four option units for online study from the following list to complete their certificate (must add up to 8 credits):

  • Packaging Legislation, standards & regulations. 3 credits.
  • Packaging Line Operations. 2 credits.
  • Packaging and the hazards of storage and distribution. 2 credits.
  • The relationship between packaging design and marketing. 2 credits.
  • The properties, manufacture and use of paper and carton board as packaging materials. 3 credits.
  • The properties, manufacture and use of rigid plastic packaging. 3 credits.
  • the properties, manufacture and use of flexible packaging materials. 3 credits.  
  • the use of printing and decoration for packaging. 3 credits. 
  • The use of labelling and coding for packaging materials. 2 credits. 
  • The properties, manufacture and use of corrugated board in packaging. 3 credits. 
  • The properties, manufacture and use of rigid metal in packaging. 3 credits.
  • The properties, manufacture and use of glass in packaging. 3 credits.

All these options are taken online with tutor support, through

This means that students can choose where and when they study, and work at their own pace.

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Packaging courses are developed in conjunction with and endorsed by the Packaging Society, a division of the Institute of Materials, Minerals & Mining.

Documents for download: 
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