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Webinars to prepare business for end of transition

IOM3 Content Cafe
14 Oct 2020

This month, the UK government is hosting a range of webinars to help businesses get ready for the UK’s new position following Brexit. Businesses need to take action now to prepare for 1 January 2021, says Business Secretary Alok Sharma.

When the transition period ends on 31 December 2020, there will be a guaranteed set of changes as the UK leaves the customs union and single market, including changes to the way businesses import and export goods, the process for hiring people from the EU, and the way businesses provide services in EU markets.

To make sure businesses are prepared, the government will host a series of sector-specific webinars throughout October to remind them of the changes they will need to make. The webinars cover general areas that businesses of any shape and size will need to understand and act on, such as visas, work permits, and tariffs – as well as sector specific information.

Relevant to our communities are:

  •     metals and materials - 20 October
  •     electronics and machinery - 21 October
  •     consumer goods - 22 October
  •     life sciences - 27 October
  •     construction - 28 October
  •     aerospace - 29 October

Businesses can sign-up to attend BEIS webinars on Workcast.