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Proportion of steel procured within UK has doubled since last year

IOM3 Content Cafe
12 Oct 2020

Updated public steel procurement documents show that the reported proportion of steel procured within the UK has nearly doubled since last year. The documents include information volumes of steel procured by government departments and arm’s-length bodies, and how they have complied with guidance - as well as a pipeline of future steel requirements for national infrastructure projects.

This year’s documents show -

  • all government departments complied with steel procurement guidance, where applicable
  • the reported proportion of steel procured within the UK for public projects is 77% - up from 40% last year
  • the reported value of contracts placed with UK suppliers has increased by 20% - from £67 million to £81 million
  • there is an estimated steel requirement of nearly 5 million tonnes of steel associated with central government infrastructure plans over the next decade

See Steel public procurement 2020 for the full data.