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  • Absorbing solar energy with a checkerboard design

    Materials World magazine
    Solar panels designed with checkerboard lines can increase light absorption capabilities by 125%, claims a team from the University of York, UK. ‘We found a simple trick for boosting the...
  • Triplet conductivity in diamonds

    Materials World magazine
    Researchers in Johannesburg, South Africa, are demonstrating the theory of triplet spin conductivity in diamonds – a phenomenon that occurs when electrons move in a composite spin state. This is...
  • Designing biomaterials with AI

    Materials World magazine
    A data-driven approach to biomaterials is using artificial intelligence (AI) to predict water repulsion and protein adsorption, allowing for advanced material screening and design of organic materials. The researchers from...
  • Preserving cultural heritage with metal organic frameworks

    Materials World magazine
    Promethean Particles, based in Nottingham, UK, has joined a European consortium to innovate packaging and storage solutions for historical and cultural artefacts. As part of the NEMOSINE Project, Promethean Particles...
  • Prestigious European awards for materials research

    IOM3 Content Cafe
    Major European Research Council (ERC) Starting Grants have been awarded to fund cutting-edge projects. Several materials related projects have been sucessful.
  • Using graphene flakes for industrial surfactants

    Materials World magazine
    New research demonstrates that graphene flakes can be used as a surfactant with amphiphilic properties. Shardell Joseph finds out how.
  • EU project eyes Europe’s mining industry

    IOM3 Content Cafe
    The European Commission has granted EUR 8.4 million to a three-year H2020 project developing an artificial intelligence platform for the monitoring and analysis of mine sites across Europe.
  • Truck in depot. Credit: StreetDrone

    5G autonomous truck project secures funding for Nissan site

    IOM3 Content Cafe
    StreetDrone, headquartered in Oxford, UK, has been confirmed as consortium member to develop 5G connected and autonomous logistics capability for the Nissan Sunderland, UK, plant.
  • IOM3 publishes 2019 Annual Report

    The Institute has published its Annual Report and Financial Statements for 2019. The report highlights the Institute's 150th anniversary celebrations, covering all departments, local societies and technical communities. The report also features IOM3 award winners and events.
  • Nuclear competition – can you sort waste?

    IOM3 Content Cafe
    A competition is calling call on companies to come up with new solutions to segregating nuclear waste for a potential £900,000 in funding.