"Meet the WTS Board" - Dan Ridley-Ellis, and his "Snippet" of Wood Science

Meet the Board - Dan Ridley-Ellis, and rule breaking wood science.

Investigating Metal Injection Moulding

Idha Valeur takes a closer look at what metal injection moulding has to offer and the shape of things to come.

Pitching for research funding

Securing funding for research is a job in itself – it requires research. Where to go for help? How to write the application? And how do you make the most of the opportunity and avoid the pitfalls? Idha Valeur explores how best to navigate the funding jungle.

Q&A with Mark Watters from The BidBase

Idha Valeur talks to Mark Watters, Managing Director of The BidBase, about bid writing, common mistakes, how to avoid them and what makes a good bid writer.

Scots Pine - European Tree of the Year

Pictured here (Courtesy of Marek Olbrzymek) is the European Tree of the Year 2020. It is claimed to be 350 years old and is found in a reservoir in the...